Kairos, Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Kairos is basically defined as the right or opportune time and place to do something.  I think this is a very important element when telling a city narrative because you can’t lose the attention of the listener before you tell your most important part of the story, or climax.  I think it’s even more important for my story because not everybody is as passionate about the Cincinnati Reds as I am.  I really need to bring the reader into the story as if they were in the seat with me during the clinch game. I need to bring them in from the start.

Ethos is the credibility of the story.  Since I was at the game, I don’t think it is going to be very hard to describe the park and the setting.  I also have been to way too many games so GABP is like a sort of second home to me.

Pathos is what appeals to the emotions of the reader or listener.  This is where I will bring in very descriptive elements of imagery and try to connect with the different senses of the listener.  If I can make the listener feel like they have experienced this game and after party with me than I feel like my project will be successful.

Logos is the logic, and I feel like it goes hand in hand with the Ethos.  I feel like my story is very credible being that I was there, and logically it makes sense that I was there because I am a huge fan and wouldn’t have missed the game for the world.

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